Netball Report March 2018

Posted on Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Allstars Netball Club have had an incredible start to the year seeing a significant increase to our membership from nineteen to 22 teams. This has made Allstars Netball the second largest Club in the Redlands Netball Association. We are thrilled to welcome our first young male member to sign on, showing our Club really is for everyone.
We have a new positivity through our Club with passionate coaches, a dedicated Committee, parents that show unwavering support and our members who are growing up into wonderful Redlanders.
Our Club Sign-on Day was hosted on 21 January at Redlands Sporting Club and we were overwhelmed with new and returning members. Thank you for all who assisted with the administration on the day and to the Redlands Sporting Club for allowing the space to host this day.
Grading Days were held 10, 11 and 12 February and saw our members from 10 to 18 years graded into their skill level and respective teams. It was a very hot day and we thank the dedicated work of our Executive Committee Matt Standing, Tracey Munro, Glenda Kelly and Bianca Standing and our graders for a successful day. Our Club has seen an increase in volunteer and committee members who are passionate about what we do – netball and the development of our players.
Special mention to Michael Hogarth and Marie Jackson who has taken on three teams this season and to Bronwyn Perkins and Matt Standing for going above and beyond with their increased number of teams. It is through the hard work of our volunteers that our Club continues to go from strength to strength.
In March we began fitness sessions with our Club Personal Trainer Pauline DeCosta. Sessions will run weekly for the entire season. These extra development opportunities for players free up their team training for skills and drills. The sessions host 70 girls at no cost to them, and focus on the development of their fitness. Congratulations to our volunteers who were able to fund this through the 2017 Trivia Night and a Bunnings BBQ. Our next Development Program is set to commence 9 April with our Holiday Program Skills Clinic. This program is run by Energy Netball and is yet another program to upskill our members and coaches, and promote team building.
Members have been active in applying for the State Government’s Get Started vouchers of $150 towards membership. These vouchers have been beneficial in getting young people into netball.
Grants awarded in late 2017 have seen the fit-out of our new Clubhouse facility plus the National Parks, Recreation, Sport and Racing funding has enabled us to purchase equipment to be used for development programs later in 2018. Funding through the Gambling Community Benefit Fund has meant we were able to build a fence around the courts which has had a positive effect on equipment loss, the reduction in natural hazards on our courts, and the safety of our members. We are in planning with Redland City Council to further develop our facility. The season kicks off 21 April and we wish all our teams every success.
A special congratulations goes to Bella Ogilvie who has been chosen for the Carina Tigers, Queensland State Netball League. Bella has trained tirelessly and we are so proud of her achievement.
We thank the Redlands Sporting for their ongoing partnership with our Club. If you would like to know more about the great game of Netball, please call me on 0409 156 902.
Paula Ogilvie, Allstars Netball Club President.