Fishing Report January 2015

Posted on Monday, 29 September 2014

Redlands Sporting Club Fishing Tangalooma
All Members using the Club property at Tangalooma are reminded to make sure that the rules as published are all adhered to. A few basic rules that are continually ignored and need to be remembered are as follows.

  • Fill out the appropriate forms and pay in advance.
  • Return the keys to MBGFC PO. Box 371 Capalaba 4157.
  • Clean up and lock up properly
  • Remove all rubbish and dispose of in the Council bulk bins.
  • Do not leave anything in the bunk room as it will be discarded.
  • Report and/or fix anything damaged or broken.
  • Keep bathrooms and kitchen tidy at all times.
  • Do not light fires on the beach.

We need any input from our members (good or bad) to keep our property functioning well so always let the Committee know what’s on your mind. Feel free to speak to President Paul 0412 152 880 or Vice President John 0434 334 228.
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