Club Policies

Board Health Policy for Serious Viruses

In the event of a serious virus outbreak in Queensland, the Board of Directors of the Redlands Sporting Club may enact the following protocols for the well-being of members:

  • Any member/patron that has contracted the virus will be asked to have a quarantine period of 14 days away from the Club, or the advised quarantine time by the Department of Health
  • If a patron has contracted the virus or has travelled overseas recently, they are asked to inform the management of Redlands Sporting Club so the Club may inform its members of potential risks.
  • A patron that is coughing and sneezing may be asked to put on a face mask to help protect members from possible infection, and to seek medical advice on the cause of their condition.
  • Upon any declaration of any serious virus affecting any member, the Club will advise all patrons by way of signs and warnings in the Club of such risks and outline locations of hand sanitizers and face masks.
  • Members are to be encouraged to practice good hygiene.
  • Any member/patrons frequenting the club that have been in contact with a person that has the virus are encouraged to advise the Club and then quarantine themselves for the advised period.

The Redlands Sporting Club has policies in place to best protect its members which include, but are not limited to, the sanitation of its stations and benches, procedures around staff hygiene practices, having alcohol-based hand sanitizers around the venue for both staff and patrons and readily available face masks for those who request it.

Responsible Gambling and Service of Alcohol

Responsible gambling occurs in a regulated environment where the potential for harm associated with the gambling is minimised and people make informed decisions about their participation in gambling. Responsible gambling occurs as a result of the collective actions and shared ownership by individuals, communities, the gambling industry and government, to achieve outcomes that are socially responsible and responsive to community concerns.

Our Commitment

The club recognizes the importance of customers’ well-being with a focus on minimizing the potential harm of gambling. In addition, customers’ rights to privacy are respected at all times.

Problem Gambling

Problem Gambling exists when gambling activity results in a range of adverse consequences where;

  • The safety and/or well-being of gambling customers and/or their families and friends are placed at risk; and/or
  • Negative impacts extend to the broader community
  • For a small percentage, gambling can become a problem. No longer an enjoyable past-time, gambling begins to create money worries and stress, which can effect their family members, relationships, health and work. If you think you know someone who may have a gambling problem, look for the following behavioral signs.
  • Gambling with more than they can afford
  • Gambling with household and other essential funds
  • Borrowing money to gamble
  • Absences from home or work
  • Dishonesty or secrecy about gambling activities
  • Experiencing severe mood swings
  • Arguing increasingly, especially in regards to money
  • Increased alcohol consumption
  • Easily bored by everyday events
  • Denial of any gambling problem despite the obvious signs

Getting Help

Redlands Sporting Club provides the following services to customers who feel they may need assistance in controlling their gambling. Please note all communication is private and confidential.

Gambling Help Line: 1800 22 20 50 (24hr)

Relationships Australia: 1300 364 277

Life Line: 13 11 14

Salvation Army: 1300 36 36 22

Self Exclusion

If members or patrons are looking for assistance in controlling their gambling problems, they may consider exclusion as a valuable deterrent. Redlands Sporting Club provides both venue-initiated and patron-initiated self-exclusion programs in accordance with the Queensland Responsible Gambling Self-Exclusion Resources ensuring that they are adhered to at all times. Self-exclusion kits are available from our Customer Liaison Officers.

Minors Prohibited

It is an offence by law for any person under the age of eighteen (18) years to participate in gaming activities. The club has the following policy & procedure in place to ensure minors are prohibited from gambling and excluded from all areas where adults are gambling.

  • Minors are prohibited from gambling
  • Minors are excluded from areas where adults are gambling
  • The club alerts all members and patrons of these restrictions by placing signage in high traffic areas
  • If the age of a patron is in doubt, staff may ask for photo identification.
  • Rules ancillary to Gaming—1. A person under the age of eighteen (18) years must not play a Gaming Machine.

Service Of Alcohol

The Club has the following policies and procedures in place to ensure the service of alcohol on the clubs premises is managed in such a way as to encourage gaming patrons to take breaks in play.

  • Redlands Sporting Club does not offer free or discounted alcohol to members and patrons who are gambling, or use alcohol to promote gambling.
  • The club will inform members and patrons about the availability of non alcoholic beverages.
  • All beverages are available from bar areas, namely Club Cafe, Sportsman’s Bar, Main Bar, Bowlers Lounge, Golfers Lounge, Club Steakhouse, Buffet World and the Palms Auditorium.
  • Customers who are intoxicated are not permitted to continue gambling
  • In accordance with the Liquor Act 1992, patrons who display behavioral changes that indicate undue intoxication will be refused service and may be asked to leave the premises
  • Patrons who have been refused service of alcohol are not permitted to gamble on the premises.

Training regarding individual and organization responsibilities in relation to gambling and the service of alcohol is provided to relevant staff members during their induction.

Financial Transactions

Redlands Sporting Club have the following policies and procedures in place to assist customers in maintaining responsible gambling practices.

  • Automatic Teller machines (ATMs) are not provided within gambling areas
  • The lending of money or credit to anyone for the purpose of betting is prohibited
  • The cashing of cheque’s is not permitted unless otherwise organized

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of Redlands Sporting Club Liquor License #80819


The Privacy Policy applies to personal information collected by the club, as the club is an applicable organisation under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), which governs the way private sector organisations collect, use, keep secure and disclose personal information.

The Privacy Policy outlines:

  •  how and when the club collects personal information;
  •  how the club uses and discloses personal information;
  •  how the club keeps personal information secure, accurate and up-to-date;
  •  how an individual can access and correct their personal information; and
  •  how the club will facilitate or resolve a privacy complaint.

We recommend that you read and understand the Privacy Policy and keep it for future reference. If you require any clarification, you can contact us on the address at the end of the document.

1. Personal information

1.1. What is Personal Information?

(a) Personal information is defined under the Privacy Act 1988 to mean information or an opinion, whether true or not, and whether recorded in a material form or not, about an individual whose identity is reasonably identifiable, from the information or opinion.

(b) Some examples of personal information are your name, residential address, email address, bank details, photos and opinions on your likes and dislikes that can identify you (see paragraph 3.2 below).

2. Sensitive Information

2.1 What is Sensitive Information?

(a) Sensitive information is a subset of personal information.

(b) It means information or opinion about an individual’s racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, membership of a political organisation, religious beliefs or affiliations, philosophical beliefs, membership of a professional or trade association, membership of a trade union, sexual orientation or practices, criminal record, health information about an individual, genetic information, biometric information that is to be used for the purpose of automated biometric verification or biometric identification or biometric templates.

2.2 Collection of Sensitive Information

(a) In general, we attempt to limit the collection of sensitive information we may collect from you, but depending on the uses you make of our products this may not always be possible and we may collect sensitive information from you in order to carry out the services provided to you.

(b) The type of sensitive information we may collect from you or record about you is dependent on the services provided to you by the club and will be limited to the purpose(s) for which it is collected.

(c) We do not use sensitive information to send you Direct Marketing Communications (as defined in paragraph 7 below) without your consent.

(d) We will not collect sensitive information from you without your consent.

2.3 Consent to collection of certain types of sensitive information

We may collect certain types of sensitive information where you have consented and agreed to the collection of such information.

We will obtain your consent at (or around) the point in time in which we collect the information.

The main type of sensitive information that we may collect (if any) will usually relate to your:

(a) criminal record (if any);

(b) special food or dietary requirements due to medical, cultural or religious reasons;

(c) biometric identification, such as finger print scans;

(d) membership of political organisations and political opinions;

(e) racial origin and religious beliefs, to the extent these are ascertainable from any photographic identification (such as a driver’s licence or passport);

(f) gambling habits;

(g) philosophical beliefs, if applicable; and

(h) health or medical information, but only if the sensitive information is necessary for, or incidental to, the purposes of collection set out in paragraph 4.

3. Collection of your personal information

3.1 We will only collect personal information that is necessary for us to provide our products and services to you. This depends ultimately upon the purpose of collection and we have set out the general purposes of collection at paragraph 4 below.

3.2 The type of information includes (but is not limited to) the following:

(a) your contact information such as full name (first and last), e-mail address, current postal address, delivery address (if different to postal address) and phone numbers; and/or on renewal of your membership we may ask you to confirm these details so that our records are updated and accurate.

(b) details relating to your employment (if applicable) or your previous employment, which shall include, but is not limited to, obtaining your tax file number and superannuation details;

(c) your date of birth;

(d) proof of your identity (including, but not limited to, driver’s licence, passport, birth certificate);

(e) any sensitive personal information listed in paragraph 2.3;

(f) if applicable, emergency contact details;

(g) details required as part of your club membership or visitation, including but not limited to the information required under the members and visitors registers;

(h) whether you participated in any activity or event organised by the club;

(i) photographs or video footage taken at our premises, which may include you;

(j) your opinions, statements and endorsements collected personally or via surveys and questionnaires, including but not limited to your views on the products and services offered by the club; and

(k) if you are requesting products or services from us or we are purchasing goods or services from you, then any relevant payment or billing information (including but not limited to bank account details, direct debit, credit card details, billing address, repayment information and invoice details).

3.3 As far as possible or unless provided otherwise under this privacy policy, we will collect your personal information directly from you. If we collect details about you from someone else, we will, whenever reasonably possible, make you aware that we have done this and the reason for it.

3.4 When you engage in certain activities, such as entering a contest or promotion, filling out a survey or sending us feedback, we may ask you to provide certain information, which you may withhold or provide at your own discretion. It is optional for you to engage in these activities.

3.5 Depending upon the reason for requiring the information, some of the information we ask you to provide may be identified as mandatory or voluntary. If you do not provide the mandatory data or any other information we require in order for us to provide our services to you, we may be unable to provide or effectively provide our services to you.

3.6 If you use our website, we may utilise “cookies” which enable us to monitor traffic patterns and to serve you more efficiently if you revisit our website. A cookie does not identify you personally but may identify your internet service provider or computer. You can set your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie and this will provide you with an opportunity to either accept or reject it in each instance.

4. Use and disclosure of your personal information

4.1 We will only use or disclose your personal information for the primary purposes for which it was collected or as consented to and/or as set out below.

4.2 You consent to us using and disclosing your personal information to facilitate a purpose in connection with:

(a) if required, the verification of your identity, including the verification of your date of birth, if applicable;

(b) facilitating membership or visitation requirements (for example, entry into the Register of Members which is available for public inspection by other members);

(c) provision of our products and services to you, which shall include but is not limited to:

(1) the administration and management of our products and services, including charging, billing, credit card authorisation and verification, checks for financial standing, credit-worthiness (including but not limited to undertaking an assessment for credit loss and obtaining credit references, if applicable), fraud and collecting debts; and

(2) to offer you updates, or other content or products and services that may be of interest to you;

(d) to facilitate the administration, management and improvement of the club, including but not limited to:

(1) the use of your personal information collected in accordance with paragraph 3.1 in the administration and management of the club;

(2) communications between Member Clubs (being those clubs which are members of Clubs Queensland), including but not limited to reciprocal arrangements and sharing of industry news;

(3) the management, governance and administration of the club, including but not limited to any management and governance meetings of the club ;

(e) if applicable, any requirement to include you in various registers maintained by the club including, but not limited to, the register of excluded persons;

(f) facilitating medical assistance in the event of a medical emergency, or to provide you with medical treatment as requested by you;

(g) your participation in any activity or event organised by the club or a third party organisation;

(h) your ability to attend other Member Clubs in Australia or New Zealand;

(i) co-ordinating, managing and maintaining good order and security of the club and our premises, which shall include but is not limited to protecting the rights and safety of other parties on our premises;

(j) investigating and reporting information to third parties regarding any accidents or incidents that may have occurred on our premises;

(k) the improvement of our services (including to contact you about those improvements and asking you to participate in surveys about our products and services);

(l) the maintenance and development of our products and services, business systems and infrastructure;

(m) marketing and promotional activities by us and our related bodies (including by direct mail, telemarketing, email, SMS and MMS messages) such as our customer loyalty programs and newsletters;

(n) to provide customer service functions, including handling customer enquiries and complaints;

(o) to offer you updates, or other content or products and services that may be of interest to you;

(p) our compliance with applicable laws;

(q) the transfer, and matters in connection with a potential transfer, of the club to another entity; and

(r) any other matters reasonably necessary to continue to provide our products and services to you.

4.3 We may also use or disclose your personal information and in doing so we are not required to seek your additional consent:

(a) when it is disclosed or used for a purpose related to the primary purposes of collection detailed above and you would reasonably expect your personal information to be used or disclosed for such a purpose (secondary use);

(b) if we reasonably believe that the use or disclosure is necessary to lessen or prevent a serious or imminent threat to an individual’s life, health or safety or to lessen or prevent a threat to public health or safety;

(c) if we have reason to suspect that unlawful activity has been, or is being, engaged in; or

(d) if it is required or authorised by law or formally requested by a statutory or regulatory authority.

4.4 In the event we propose to use or disclose such personal information other than for reasons in 4.1, 4.2, and 4.3 above, we will first seek your consent prior to such disclosure or use.

4.5 If you have received communications from us and you no longer wish to receive those sorts of communications, you should contact us via the details set out at the end of this document and we will ensure the relevant communication ceases. Any other use or disclosure we make of your personal information will only be as required by law or as permitted by the Privacy Act 1988 or by this privacy policy or otherwise with your consent.

5. The types of organisations to which we may disclose your personal information

5.1 We may disclose your personal information to other organisations. Examples of organisations and/or parties that your personal information may be provided include:

(a) other Member Clubs;

(b) Clubs Queensland and its related bodies;

(c) if applicable, Clubs Australia and Club New Zealand, and member clubs of Clubs Australia and Clubs New Zealand;

(d) offshore service providers, if any;

(e) related entities and subsidiaries of the club;

(f) third parties, such as trade suppliers and club sponsors; and

(g) our contractors and agents, including but not limited to our professional advisors such as accountants, solicitors and auditors or other companies who assist us in providing our products and services to you.

5.2 Your personal information is disclosed to these organisations and/or parties only in relation to the goods or services we provide to you or for a purpose permitted by this privacy policy.

5.3 We take such steps as are reasonable to ensure that these organisations and/or parties are aware of the provisions of this privacy policy in relation to your personal information.

6. Photographs and Closed Circuit Television

6.1 We use closed circuit televisions (CCTV) at certain locations throughout our premises (e.g. entry and exit) and surrounding areas. The CCTV is integral to our security system and CCTV images are stored for a minimum “retention period” of 28 days (unless an incident is identified, in which case the images are archived and retained for a minimum period of one year after the retention period unless they are given to the relevant authority (e.g. police or OLGR investigator). The CCTV footage must be archived if requested by the relevant authority. (Note: If an incident occurs at the venue, CCTV footage for the period leading up to, during and following the incident must be archived and where no incident has been identified, the CCTV footage is automatically deleted within 30 days after the retention period.)

6.2 As indicated in paragraph 3.2(i), we may take photographs of you attending our premises, and we may wish to use them for marketing and advertising purposes. Unless you advise us otherwise, you expressly agree and consent to the use of any photographs, which may include you, for the aforementioned purposes, without compensation.

7. Direct Marketing

7.1 You expressly consent to us using your personal information, including any email address you give to us, to provide you with information and to tell you about our products, services or events or any other direct marketing activity (including third party products, services, and events) (Direct Marketing Communications) which we consider may be of interest to you.

7.2 Without limiting clause 7.1, if it is within your reasonable expectations that we send you Direct Marketing Communications given the transaction or communication you have had with us, then we may also use your personal information for the purpose of sending you Direct Marketing Communications which we consider may be of interest to you.

7.3 You expressly consent to us disclosing your personal information to other organisations (including but not limited to organisations such as those listed in paragraph 5.1) that may also use your personal information for sending you Direct Marketing Communications.

7.4 If at any time, you do not wish to receive any further Direct Marketing Communications from us, or others under paragraph 7.3, you may ask us not to send you any further information about products and services and not to disclose your information to other organisations for that purpose. You may do this at any time by using the “unsubscribe” facility included in the email or by contacting us via the details set out at the end of this document.

8. Cross Border Disclosure

8.1 Any personal information that you provide to us may be transferred to, and stored at, a destination outside Australia, including but not limited to New Zealand and the United Kingdom, where we may utilise overseas data and website hosting facilities or have entered into contractual arrangements with third party service providers to assist us with providing our goods and services to you. Personal information may also be processed by staff or by other third parties operating outside Australia who work for us or for one of our suppliers, agents, partners or related companies.

8.2 By submitting your personal information to us, you expressly agree and consent to the disclosure, transfer, storing or processing of your personal information outside of Australia. In providing this consent, you understand and acknowledge that countries outside Australia do not always have the same privacy protection obligations as Australia in relation to personal information. However, we will take steps to ensure that your information is used by third parties securely and in accordance with the terms of this privacy policy.

8.3 The Privacy Act 1988 requires us to take such steps as are reasonable in the circumstances to ensure that any recipients of your personal information outside of Australia do not breach the privacy principles contained within the Privacy Act 1988. By providing your consent, under the Privacy Act 1988, we are not required to take such steps as may be reasonable in the circumstances. However, despite this, we acknowledge the importance of protecting personal information and have taken reasonable steps to ensure that your information is used by third parties securely and in accordance with the terms of this privacy policy.

8.4 If you do not agree to the transfer of your personal information outside Australia, please contact us by via the details set out at the end of this document.

9. Data quality and security

9.1 We have taken steps to help ensure your personal information is safe. You will appreciate, however, that we cannot guarantee the security of all transmissions or personal information, especially where the Internet is involved.

9.2 Notwithstanding the above, we will take reasonable steps to:

(a) make sure that the personal information we collect, use or disclose is accurate, complete and up to date;

(b) protect your personal information from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure both physically and through computer security methods; and

(c) destroy or permanently de-identify personal information if it is no longer needed for its purpose of collection.

9.3 However, the accuracy of personal information depends largely on the information you provide to us, so we recommend that you:

(a) let us know if there are any errors in your personal information; and

(b) keep us up-to-date with changes to your personal information (such as your name or address).

10. Access to and correction of your personal information

10.1 You are entitled to have access to any personal information relating to you which we possess, except in some exceptional circumstances provided by law (e.g. secrecy provisions under the Anti Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing Laws). You are also entitled to edit and correct such information if the information is inaccurate, out of date, incomplete, irrelevant or misleading.

10.2 If you would like access to or correct any records of personal information we have about you, you are able to access and update that information (subject to the above) by contacting us via the details set out at the end of this document.

11. Consent

11.1 You are agreeing to the terms of this privacy principle if you visit the club, use our website or by accepting the terms of one of our terms and conditions (relating to a product or service offer) which refer to this privacy policy.

11.2 We reserve the right to modify the privacy policy as our business needs require. We will notify you of such changes (whether by direct communication or by posting a notice on our website), after which, your continued use of our products, services or website or your continued dealings with us shall be deemed to be your agreement to the modified terms. If you do not agree to our continued use of your personal information due to the changes in our privacy policy, please contact us via the details set out at the end of this document.

12. Resolving Privacy Complaints

12.1 We have put in place an effective mechanism and procedure to resolve privacy complaints. We will ensure that all complaints are dealt with in a reasonably appropriate timeframe so that any decision (if any decision is required to be made) is made expeditiously and in a manner that does not compromise the integrity or quality of any such decision.

12.2 If you have any concerns or complaints about the manner in which we have collected, used or disclosed and stored your personal information, you can tell us by contacting us.

• Telephone: 07 3207 1133

• Email:

• Post: Redlands Sporting Club, Anson Road, Wellington Point, QLD 4160

Please mark your correspondence to the attention of the Club Manager or the Secretary.

12.3 In order to resolve a complaint, we:

(a) will liaise with you to identify and define the nature and cause of the complaint;

(b) may request that you provide the details of the complaint in writing;

(c) will keep you informed of the likely time within which we will respond to your complaint; and

(d) will inform you of the legislative basis (if any) of our decision in resolving such complaint

12.4 We will keep a record of the complaint and any action taken in a privacy register.

Date of Effect: 12 March 2014