Pipe Band Report December 2016

Posted on Friday, 23 December 2016

The Redlands Sporting Club Pipe Band has been busy working on the behind the scenes activities over the past few months.

• Peter Cameron has taken over from Tom Spiranac as the pipe major. Tom is remaining as an active member of the band but is also now taking a lead role in the creation of a new folk band he’s working on.

• We’ve got some great youngsters (and older players) coming through our learners program at the moment. We’ve been working hard on getting three new side drummers ready for their first public performance which will be in the club on Friday, 16 December.

• We’ve also been working on preparation for a repeat of our successful pipe band competition that we held for the first time this year. The cricket club has kindly agreed to allow us to use their facilities once again.  The date has been locked in for 6 May 2017. We hope to see you there.

Alastair Campbell (secretary) 0434 600 162