Swim Club Report July 2017

Posted on Tuesday, 4 July 2017

April was a very exciting month for our club with two national competitions being held in Brisbane.
9 April to 13 April was the 2017 Hancock Prospecting Championships. We had 2 members compete:

  • Jody-Joy Davie (18): 100m Butterfly
  • Michaela Ryan (15): 200 IM

Many of our junior swimmers also got involved behind the scenes with basket handling for the finals at night. This was so exciting for all the kids involved as they got to meet some of Australia’s top swimmers.
16 April to 23 April was the 2017 Georgina Hope Foundation Australian Age Championships. We had 6 members compete in individual races and another seven members joining them for our team relays.

  • Jessica Black (15): 100m Breaststroke & 200m Breaststroke
  • Jody-Joy Davie (18): 100m Fly & placing 7th in 200m Fly
  • Benjamin Garozzo (14): 200m Free, 400m Free & placing 5th in 1500m Free
  • Sam Speedie (15): 50m Free, 100m Free & 200m Free
  • Michaela Ryan (15): placing 5th in 100m Free, 6th in 200m Free & winning 2 Silver medals in both 200IM & 400IM
  • Kai Watson (14): 100m Free

Our relay teams also included: Oliver Collins (14), Thomas D’Arcy (16), Dominic Dunstan (14), Ashleigh Eskdale (13), Bridie Eskdale (15), Mela Gillard (16), Kyle Wallace (16).
May was the end of the Club Night season with our Championships being held on 6 May. We had 81 swimmers compete, some of our junior age champions included:

7yr boys – Elijah Warriner 7yr girls – Natasha Blank
8yr boys – Jackson Brennan 8yr girls – Tia Eglington
9yr boys – Tristan Eskdale 9yr girls – Sophie Edwards
10yr boys – Riley Brennan 10yr girls – Jasmine Blank
11yr boys – Matthew Von Euw 10yr girls – Ciara Stewart
12yr boys – Ben Goedemans 12yr girls – Anna Crooke

June leads us into our winter short course competition with everyone training hard to qualify and compete at the Brisbane and QLD championships in August.
For any information about our club please contact Cathy Roberts by email: redlandsswimming@gmail.com
Kelly Dunstan
Race Secretary