Bocce Report April 2016

Posted on Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Bocce Committee Team for 2016

From the left; Vittorio, Giancarlo, Liz, Barbara, Elena, Peter & Neil.

Redlands Bocce is pleased to announce its new slate of officers elected 21 February 2016.  Thanks must be given to the outgoing committee for their years of dedicated service and passion for the game of Bocce, and for the new committee for stepping forward to take up the mantle.

Heading-up the list of officers is:

Barbara Jones President
Fred de Campo Vice-President
Luz Van Hemmen Secretary
Peter Van Hemmen Treasurer
Neil Parlato Bocce Delegate & Team Captain
Elena Bunin Committee Member
Giancarlo Canetto Committee Member
Vittorio Deluca Committee Member


Bocce’s competition is back again. We had just started our yearly competition with our mixed social monthly competitions. Congratulations to our winners: Giancarlo Canetto, Nevia Deklic and Ezio Scodellaro’s team. They won all their games easily because they unified their strength. Again, congratulations for an excellent game.

It is proven that the achievements of any organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual therefore all committee members and volunteers are greatly appreciated. Special thanks to volunteers Irene Bardini, Giovanna Prevedello and Mina Scodellaro whose efforts are gladly appreciated.We invite all Bocce players to join us in our monthly events.

For more information, or for anyone interested in learning to play bocce, please call Luz Van Hemmen on 0412 704 435.