Community Support 2017

Posted on Monday, 8 July 2019

The Sporting Club continued its policy of strong community support during 2017. Unconditional voluntary contributions and assistance in various forms totalled $587,149. This level of support was slightly below previous years but is still most significant, particularly to all those receiving the funds.

This policy has two components, firstly through direct financial contributions to community and charitable organisations as well as individuals, and secondly, through in-kind support such as providing facilities or material assistance for other groups and organizations.

The direct financial contributions provided throughout 2017 totalled $317,569, a full list of charity recipients is listed on page 3 of the Annual Report. Some of these are on-going arrangements where monthly support is provided to a range of community and sporting organisations and are shown on page 3 of the report.

Others receive an annual contribution such as School P&Cs in our locality while we allocate proceeds from charity days and donation tins to special needs organisations such as the Mater Private Hospital Redlands Auxiliary, Redlands Special School, Redland Foundation and the Children’s Ward at Redlands Hospital etc.

Our in-kind support, called “Community Care” includes costs of providing and maintaining facilities for organizations like Cricket, Bocce and Lawn Bowls as well as support for external organisations applying for grants. This ensures such facilities meet the needs of today’s competitive environment.

I thank all those organizations who represented or promoted the Club’s name as a result of the support we provide. I particularly acknowledge the Redlands Sporting Club Pipe Band, who perform at many events throughout the year under our banner. Others promote the Club’s contribution at their events, such as our monthly voluntary contribution recipients, and in their reports or on their web sites.

Smile for a Child Charity tins through gaming, reaps rewards for the Redlands Hospital Children’s Ward:

Redlands Hospital Childrens Ward March-2017
Redlands Hospital Children’s Ward

Charity Golf Day Beneficiaries:

Mater Private Hospital Redlands
Redlands Foundation
Redlands Special School