Pipe Band Report October 2017

Posted on Tuesday, 26 September 2017

This quarter the Pipe Band has been getting some of our learners up to speed. On the drumming side, we recruited a drumming tutor to help get our three learner drummers up to band standard. All three are making great progress and are starting to perform as part of the band.
On the piping side, we have two children as learner pipers and now have four adults also learning. All of these learners have come to us from hearing us play either in the Club or in the community which is great to see. One of our learners is someone who used to play in another band years ago and after hearing us in the Club decided to start up again. He just played his first performance for us at Redfest which we performed at as part of the lantern parade on the Saturday evening.
We also played in the Club once in the last quarter which is always enjoyable.
Free lessons are provided for bagpiping and drumming, if anyone is interested please contact me.
Alastair Campbell (secretary) 0434 600 162